This is something we created to help brides in 2 ways: Choosing a silhouette and visualizing customizations.


How can this help you choose a silhouette?  These satin pieces are like a blank canvas that lets you see how the shape of a dress and  a neckline style will look on you without any other distractions. Do you have bigger boobs and worry about showing too much? try different neckline and see for yourself which one looks better.

Do you worry a ball gown will make you look shorter? try the ball gown and all the other styles and see what looks better on you. 

There are 70 combinations possible that can be tried on in less time it would take you to try on 5 dresses. 

It is also easier to use the kit to figure out what silhouette and neckline looks better on you than actually trying on heavier more intricate dresses. Why? first of all, the weight. These pieces are very light compared to wedding dresses. You can get tired pretty fast if you were try on more than 10 dresses.  Then, there is the logistics. Can you imagine choosing that many dresses to try on? how long it would take to take them in and out of the dressing room? how long it would take you to put them on and take them off? and that brings us to the other problem: finding stores that would let you try on all the shapes and necklines. 

The pictures below show our model wearing the same neckline, but different skirts to see what silhouette fits her better.  By the way, she is one of our brides, so her height and body are relatable.

A Line Skirt

Fit and Flare Skirt

Ball Gown Skirt

Mermaid Skirt

After trying on different skirts, she decided she likes the A line better, so the next set of pictures shows her trying on different necklines to see which one is more flattering

Off the shoulder modest

V neckline


Spaghetti Straps

How can this help with customizations? if you have been dress shopping in stores, you know that often you are faced with questions like : how would this dress look with thinner straps? with long sleeves? with off the shoulder straps?  The Angelina Fiori Kit allows you to try the neckline or top design with the dress to which you want to make changes, so you do not have to rely purely on your imagination or a sketch you cannot try on. 

Our retailers have the Angelina Fiori Kit in store