Inspired by the most awe-inspiring of the Greek Islands, Santorini, the wedding dresses in this collection are unforgettable, full of dazzling details, and still surprisingly romantic. These dresses were designed for the brides who want to look and feel stunning.

This collection is semi-custom, in other words, you can customize aspects of the dress like color, neckline, sleeves, and train length.  We know that making any changes to a dress can be stressful since the bride cannot see the final product until the dress is finished. For that reason, we created the Angelina Fiori Kit.  


Our custom kit allows brides to have necklines, skirts, and detachable pieces to try on and play with different possibilities. It is better than a sketch because it is something you can actually try on and something that will give you a very real idea of what the details you customized will look like on you. 

Retail Price Range ( before any promotions): $3,000 to $4,499

Delivery  : 4-5 months